White hot Heat!

Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the 2006 NBA Finals!

Since both teams are my favorites (along with Phoenix), it doesn’t really matter to me whichever team wins. Although my preference shifted a little bit towards Miami’s way since I wanted its veterans, Payton, Mourning, Williams, Walker, Anderson, and the rest, to finally win one. They should have won it last year.

I am a big Shaq and Dwyane Wade fan. D-Wade was totally awesome! He’s a certified superstar, there’s no doubt about that. And he deserves to win the NBA Finals MVP plum. Shaq and Riley have really been great influences. 15 strong does it! Wooooooooooooooooott!!!

To Nowitzki and the rest of the Mavs, you have every reason to hold your heads up high. It was a wonderful series. And besides, there’s always next year! Way to go coach Johnson! And way to go Mark Cuban! 🙂

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