Tough call? NOT!

I finally did it. I officially tendered my resignation yesterday, which takes effect on October 10th. Two months ought to be enough for a good turnover.

It’s been a hard decision on my part. WIS is a great company, career-wise, but some things are just more important.

Working in Manila means that I’ll be with my family again. No more long drives to and from Clark, and no more Monday sickness and no more yearning for Fridays! I’m coming home!

I’ll soon say goodbye to sleepless nights. I’ll get to see Conne everyday, and I’ll get to see CJ grow up!

I finally have my priorities straight.

Fernwood frolic

We went to Fernwood Gardens in QC for an ocular visit. And we were amazed by the stunning beauty of the place especially at night time.

With a few soon-to-be-fixed legal quirks looming in the horizon, Conne and I have been kept busy these days. We’ve been scouting around for possible venues for our planned wedding which we hope to celebrate by summer next year, God-willing. As a best case scenario, we would have wanted it to be on December 11th this year, our anniversary, but I guess it won’t be so. One of my brothers is to marry this year, and a “sukob” situation doesn’t really suit well for some.

We took some pictures of CJ inside Fernwood’s St. Francis of Assisi chapel. And if plans go through as expected, he’d be our dashing ringbearer come the big day.

We had fun watching him as he was amused by the butterflies that fluttered about inside the chapel hall. The carpeted halls also made walking life easier for him. Being just a little over 8 months old, he can stand up and walk those first few baby steps with little assistance! Some toddlers could barely stand even when they’re a year old. (Here’s one proud daddy for you! Ha!) 🙂

The place was great. There were four rainforest-type garden venues to choose from. The other highlights include the abundance of exotic birds and fishes (we took a photos of some swans), horse carriage ride, a glass dance floor and other amenities. The garden venues are actually indoors, so there won’t be any problems if it rains.

We spent about an hour in the place, and I could really feel the anticipation building up inside me during the visit, and I knew Conne could feel it too. With prayers and faith, I know that everything will turn out right.

Ok, so that’s one item in the checklist. And the search continues……