Happy anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary Mahal!!! 🙂

I love you so much Conne!!! Muah!!! Muah!!! Muah!!! Hugz!!! Hugz!!! Hugz!!!
2 years and counting……. 🙂
@}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—–
@}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—– @}’,—–

Our birthday girl

It was Conne’s birthday yesterday, December 8th. And we were able to give out a surprise party for her, whose full name by the way, was based on an important Catholic dogma and event coinciding with her birthday, the Feast of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, hence the name, Maryconne.

I’ve been a recipient of some surprise birthday parties in the past thanks largely in part to her. And to finally be able to return the favor to the one I love was indeed very important and special to me. I’d like to thank her ComQuaL buddies and colleagues for making it possible. Thanks Kim, Aileen, Maan, Ester, and Allan. 🙂

The food was great, and the conversation topics were very entertaining. Eating was a struggle because I was trying to stifle bouts of laughter every now and then largely due to the funny anecdotes given by everyone, particularly on the topic of namesakes, or how a person’s name got to be.

Ah, Oh well. Had Conne not been born, I wouldn’t have had someone to express my heartfelt thanks to for coming into my life, for giving me a chance and changing my outlook for the better. I wouldn’t have someone to grow old and share my life with.

Her two handsome boys (me and CJ of course – Hah!), owe her a lot.

We love you mahal! Happy Birthday!