Turning Back Time

Have you ever dreamed of being able to go back through time and be able to relive your life while still retaining whatever knowledge or memories that you have of the present?

Think of it, if this is a possibility, then you could live your life and rearrange it so that you won’t commit the same mistakes, you’d be able to breeze through school and ace every exam, you could even invest in stocks or bet on things knowing what the outcome would be beforehand (Ha!). But I think one of the most important benefits of this is that you could avoid all of love’s heartaches and pitfalls.

I remember that, in the past, I’d usually daydream of being able to go back through time, and, armed with a list of all the women that I have loved and crossed paths with, and of those who broke my heart, and of those whom I should have avoided in the first place, and of knowing who my one true love is – Conne, who else? – I realize that I could skip through it all and immediately seek her out instead.

Yes, that would have been the ideal scenario. But then it occurred to me, if turning back time was a possibility, then what would happen to the most important person that Conne and I cherish? What would happen to CJ, our son? Even if we did hook up again, there’s no guarantee of CJ being born again, is there? No, we definitely can’t risk that.

And so, for me at least, turning back time is no longer an option. I’ll have to leave the daydream and time travel stuff to bachelors, and simply thank all the girls I’ve loved before for showing me the way to Conne’s heart.

Kabayan Beach Resort – San Juan, Batangas

My family and I had a lot of fun at the Kabayan Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas last May 12 and 13.

In our opinion, the resort’s facilities, in terms of space and ambiance, are better suited for family and group outings than that of the Blue Coral Beach Resort, where we held our company outing, which is situated roughly half a kilometer away from Kabayan. Even though the rooms at Blue Coral were better looking than that of the simple yet cozy Kabayan rooms, the Blue Coral beach front was too cramped for our liking.

We definitely recommend Kabayan Beach Resort as one of the places to go to in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

This has turned out to be one of the most popular pages in my blog and a lot of readers have been asking about the rates, amenities and facilities of the resort.

The resort area itself is quite clean and well maintained. Facilities-wise, they have a playground, an aviary, a chapel, fresh water swimming pool, gardens, multi-purpose hall, restaurant, souvenir shops and a convenience store.

Some of the amenities or activities offered by the resort include beach volleyball, kayaking, cove hopping, snorkeling, hiking/trekking, billiards, and massage.

We particularly liked the fact that big trees supply decent shade from the scorching sun throughout most of the “inner” resort area, except when you’re at the beach area, of course.

The rooms/cottages are clean, well maintained and have air-conditioning and cable TV. And we also liked the fact that you could bring your own food and not be charged with corkage fees or other charges like what other resorts do. Some of the cottages even have their own kitchen, complete with cooking equipment and a refrigerator, and all you have to do is bring your own cooking ingredients.

If it’s a Sunday, and if you’re religious, a priest actually comes over to celebrate mass at the resort’s chapel. Which is quite good, since you won’t have to worry about hurrying back home to hear mass. (No excuses here, ha!)

And if you’re finicky when it comes to the type of sand the beach-front has, the downside is – don’t expect it to be the powdery-white, Boracay-type sand variety. Taking a stroll while barefoot can sometimes be a challenge.

All that being said, I can say that the overall beach vacation experience we had at the place was pleasurable and worth repeating.

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Happy Birthday Jojo!

Today is my brother Jojo’s birthday. He turns 30 today, and guess what, we now have the same age! How come? Well, it’s because I’m actually just 10 months older than him! 🙂

Happy Birthday Jojo! May the Lord continue to bless you always!

God Bless!