All work and no play…

Today’s another long day for me at work since Conne has another one of them so-called girls’ night out with her buddies, Kimmie and Mitch. She promised me that they’ll be done around sevenish, which means it’s bound to end up no earlier than eightish or nineish. (Too many “ishes” there, huh?) :-p

Anyhow, this gives me ample time to catch up on my blogging, besides, too much work can kill you. And I plan to live long enough to see my great grand kids scurrying about, wreaking havoc at home.

Oh, and speaking of work, I’m glad that Conne’s getting a well deserved break from her hectic workload. And I’m so proud of her knowing that that she’s up for a lateral transfer and a promotion come July! I believe that a management role suits her mighty fine. 🙂 Congrats mahal!

I love you! God and love po.. God and love…

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  1. Peej,

    Just so you know, we timed our “kwento” slots so we can reach your 7:45pm deadline. Conne and I even asked for the bill from the waiter already even though Mitch was still munching on her food. And, I DID nag Conne to text you her exact location at 7:30pm coz I knew that she was gonna be a teensy weensy bit late for her deadline. (I would’ve texted you myself, ‘cept that my phone died in the middle of our powwow).

    The dinner was a blast though. We exchanged at least four sex-related stories, five office-related tales, and three more lust-filled fantasies. Thanks for lending Conne to us for an hour and forty-five minutes yesterday.

    Perhaps next time, we’d be allowed to go for two hours?

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