Next in line…

Conne and CJ had a bout of fever and colds the past week, and it appears that I’m next in line. Even though I currently feel as if my nose is on the verge of spewing forth gunky stuff, I’m still thankful because my family’s doing better now (CJ’s up to his usual “terrible twos” destructive self, and Conne’s up to her usual, uhm, charming personality! Muah!).I’m getting ready for a business trip tentatively lined up this week, and I hope that my body would be strong enough to resist the common cold. Could you imagine me talking to a client while sporting a big, red, runny nose? Ha!

Alive and kicking at 31

Conne and CJ blogged something about us celebrating my 31st birthday last July 2nd.

We actually celebrated it days earlier by visiting my mom at Subic last June 30th, and having a simple dinner celebration last July 1st, at our new home with my two brothers, their families, and Conne’s family.

Watching the three “Bacolod” toddlers trashing the place was a blast. I even posted a video of the ‘cousins three’ at play. 🙂

As usual, for the nth time, all of this wouldn’t have happened if not for Conne!

In parting, I’d like to thank everyone for bearing with me all these years – at 31 and counting. Thanks guys! And I’d most especially like to thank the Lord for the wonderful gift of life.