The Wowowee Wilyonaryo “scam”

The controversial, yet highly popular, Filipino ABS-CBN noontime show, “Wowowee”, has been under heavy fire and public scrutiny due to its August 20 episode where host Willie Revillame’s blooper inadvertently showed that one of its game segments appear to be “rigged”.

The controversy stemmed from the “Wilyonaryo” segment of the said episode where two signboards bearing the numbers “0” (indicating no prize was won) and “2” (indicating the jackpot prize of 2 million pesos) were seen in the same violet-colored box that Willie said the jackpot was to be found.

According to ABS-CBN, the error was “due to a design flaw”, but judging from the videos of the particular show segment that are scattered across the internet, particularly in YouTube – plus all of the questions left unanswered by ABS-CBN and the show’s management – it appears everything BUT.

Perhaps Joey de Leon, one of the iconic hosts of GMA Network’s “Eat Bulaga!”, a popular rival show of “Wowowee”, was justified in telling Willie to “explain before you complain” because it appears that those involved in the alleged “scam” have been trying to skirt the issue by focusing on other things.

In any case, all those involved sure have a lot of explaining to do, especially since the Philippine Senate has asked for an investigation on the matter.

So, what’s your opinion? Check out the video clip below and you be the judge.

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At home with pneumonia

The past couple of weeks have been terrible for me, health-wise. It turned out that the impending cold that I previously blogged about was actually the initial stages of pneumonia.

I had severe cough, colds, fever and difficulty breathing for the better part of two weeks. And the weather didn’t help either. With the typhoons and monsoon rains barraging the metropolis, it was really hard for me to go to work or to get some decent rest at home. The frequent changes in temperature really didn’t help at all.

I still have coughing fits every now and then, but I’m glad that breathing is easier now. A few more days of rest and medication and everything should be back to normal.

I’m glad that I have Conne to take care of me. Thanks mahal

Sweet music – CJ finally says “mommy”

I’ve blogged about CJ being able to say the words “Daddy” a few months back.

And after months of desperately trying to coax CJ into saying the words “Mommy”, he finally did it a couple of days ago! And now that he’s finally able to pronounce it clearly, he just can’t seem to stop uttering it. But who cares? It’s sweet music to my ears, most especially for Conne’s. 🙂

I’m so happy for both of them. 🙂