Pasig Road Rage: Justice and peace for Ed and Kay

An extremely sad and unfortunate event happened yesterday. Two colleagues of mine, Ed Canizares and Kay Palmero, died yesterday afternoon, October 2nd, from several gunshot wounds from a 9mm pistol fired by a certain Atty. Manuel Hernandez Jr. after a traffic altercation in Pasig City.

I was really dumbstruck when I heard of the sickening news since I was still able to strike up a conversation at work with Ed that morning before he left. What’s ironic is that he had just celebrated his birthday the day before (October 1st) and that he had just picked up Kay who arrived from Singapore for his birthday celebration scheduled this week.

I’ve come to realize that when tragic things happen to people you barely know, the typical response would be to feel sorry for the person, followed by a shake of the head, a shrug of the shoulders and finally, indifference. But when that same thing happens to relatives, friends and people close to you, that’s when reality hits home – where it suddenly turns out to be a surreal, hair-raising, knee-weakening, and life-altering experience.

They were victims of road rage and I realize that the same incident could have happened to me in the past because of my temper and pride. And I admit that I am more conscious now and really think twice when it comes to managing stressful driving situations and venting my anger.

I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the families of Ed and Kay. I hope that justice will be served. And I hope that the man who killed them will pay for this heinous act. May he rot in his cell – a stinky, filthy one.

Please do spare a minute to pray for the eternal repose of Ed and Kay as well as for the families they left behind.

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  1. Hi Sharkey, I don’t want to reveal my name but I am a close relative of Ed Canizares. Thank you for the kind words.

    Our family is simply in shock. My father, Ed’s brother, has had sleepless nights these couple of nights.

    As part of living on another country (we live in North America) you prepare yourself to receive that phone call late at night bearing bad news, whether someone died of natural causes or even an accident. But when you hear that someone so close to you, someone yo love has been murdered. It is so unexpected.

    I would also like to express my condolences to the family of Kay Palmero. Ed may not have been completely without fault in this but Kay was innocent. What this basstard did to these two people was heartless and cold-blooded. I hope justice is served.

  2. Hi anonymous,

    Please accept my sincerest condolences to your family. We were at his wake last night and we still couldn’t believe what happened.

    My fondest memories of him were our frequent, often animated, conversations about the sport of Formula 1.

    We’re praying that justice be served swiftly for Ed and Kay. We’ll surely miss them.

    God bless you and your family.


  3. Hi sharkey,

    It is almost a year since this unfortunate incident happened. any developments on the case? Ed and Kay were former colleagues of mine. I’m also one of Kay’s buddies here in Singapore.

  4. Hi,

    I worked briefly with Kay at ACL (and met her a couple of times in Vancouver) – what a lovely lady she was. However, it has been nearly a year now and I wanted to know what happened to the attorney who shot Ed and Kay? Has he gone to court yet and has there been a verdict? He deserves to be strung up! Any news you might have would be gratefully received.

  5. Gosh i’ve chanced upon your blog a few months ago and started reading your posts regularly. For some reason, i started to read from your archives today. AND found this.
    kay’s my sister. what a coincidence.

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