Pasig Road Rage: Lawyer suspect released on bail

Atty. Manuel Hernandez Jr, the lawyer suspected of shooting down and killing Kay Palmero and Ed Canizares after a traffic altercation, has been granted bail this afternoon, October 5th. This was after the Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office agreed to downgrade the charges against Hernandez from two counts of murder to two counts of homicide, which made him eligible for bail.

The suspect was therefore released on bail after posting PhP 80,000, and upon receipt by the Pasig City police of the release order given by Pasig City Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Amelia Manalastas.

This new development has raised a lot of issues especially since Hernandez works for Pasig City Hall as a legal officer.

There won’t be anything much for us to do but wait and, as good citizens, presume that the suspect is innocent until proven guilty in court (if there will ever be a trial) no matter how damning the evidence may be (like several eyewitnesses). But let’s just hope and pray that the truth comes out and that justice be served immediately.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi,

    I worked with Kay (and was on a course with her in Vancouver a couple of months ago). She was the most lovely peace-loving person I have met. I hope this guy gets what he deserves. He should hang for what he did. Myself and all my colleagues miss her terribly.

  2. Hi PJ,

    I had an argument last night with one of our neighbors here in Pasig and he was threatening me and my nephew. I told him na ipapa blotter ko siya. Sobra kasi siya mag threat. So I decide to research about his name and viola…may kaso pala ito…I dont know kung ito nga itong tao na ito ang nasa news pero ang name niya ay Manuel O. Hernandez Jr….I sent you an e-mail and I need to talk to you regarding this…natatakot ako..

    Thanks and regards,


  3. I was praying na di ito yung guy na nainvolved sa road killing na ito pero siya yung nasa picture. I already called TIM and asked some questions regarding the victims. hay ang pagkakataong nga naman. alam mo walang kagamit gamit itong tao na ito. ginagamit lang yata niyang hideout yung unit niya…well sana bilisan ang kaso ng makulong na ang tao na ito…

  4. Ok , whatever its been 4 years and nothing has happened to this murderer, Manuel Hernandez. The justice system in the Phillippines should be so ashame its been harboring this killer, specially his uncle is a justice of the Supreme court and a legal counselor himself .Its clear that his fellow workers of the Pasig city hall are keeping him out of jail where he belongs , Imagine this guy Manuel Hernandez kills 2 human beings in a day runs from the scene gets caught hours later , gets a slap in the wrist just to make it look good gets off on bail ,which is a slap for the Pasig city hall , and now 4 years later is still free to roam around .WHERE IS JUSTICE HERE YOU FIGURE !!!!!!

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