On jeepneys, headlights and super vision

I previously blogged about my earlier “triumph” on changing my car’s busted headlight.

Now, in relation to this, while I was driving this evening on the way to pick Conne up from work, I happened to pass by a couple of vehicular mishaps involving jeepneys. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the most probable reason why these accidents occur is because, as some of you might agree, there are a lot of jeepneys plying our roads at night that have busted headlights, or even worse, deliberately don’t turn their headlights on! Do these guys have super vision or something? If they do, well, here’s some news for them, most of us ordinary drivers and pedestrians don’t!

I’m not sure what the statistics are, but by my own observation, I believe that one in four jeepneys travel our roads at night without any headlights on. Come on, if some of these negligent drivers can afford to dress up their jeeps in avant-garde art and spend a lot on ear-damaging sound equipment and funny(?) clown-laugh horn signals, then I think it would be easy for them to spend a small amount to have their lights fixed.

There ought to be a law on this. Or is one already existing? And what are our metro traffic enforcers doing about it? Nada! Nothing! WALA!

With the way things are being handled, we might as well be driving armored personnel carriers (APC’s) – a la Manila Pen siege tanks – to protect us from these rogue drivers.

Lock and load!