Directions to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Now that summer’s near and a lot of people are looking for some fun at the beach, my blog has been getting a lot of search hits on how to get to San Juan, Batangas, particularly on how to get to Barangay Laiya, one of the country’s top beach resort destinations.

If you plan to take a car, here are self-drive instructions on how to get to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas if you’re coming from Manila.

From Manila:

– Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) all the way to the second to the last exit (Exit 50 going to Batangas, Lucena and Legaspi).

– Drive approximately 6.5 km along this National Highway and turn right towards the Star Toll Way entrance.

– From Star Tollway, drive all the way to Lipa City (approximately 20 kilometers) and take the Tambo/Lipa Exit at the end.

From Lipa City:

– After exiting the Star Tollway, turn right and drive towards Lipa City where La Salle Lipa will be on your left while a Petron gas station will be on the right.

– You’ll come across a Y-intersection just before the McDonald’s restaurant, where you must veer right. This is C.M. Recto Avenue.

– Traverse C.M. Recto Ave. then turn right at the corner of the Mercury Drug store. This is P. Torres St. Drive 8.5 km towards Padre Garcia town.

– Make a left turn at the road sign pointing to Padre Garcia.

– Turn right after passing the Padre Garcia town market.

– Drive approximately 4.5 km and merge with the road coming from Rosario. This road leads all the way to San Juan which is approximately 19 kms.

– When you see the main signage leading to the Batangas Racing Circuit veer left. This will lead you to the San Juan town proper.

Upon reaching the San Juan town proper:

– Drive past the Dunkin Donut and Park n’Go store (on your right) until you reach San Juan Municipal Hall.

– Immediately turn right after the San Juan Municipal Hall. This is the main road of Laiya. Just follow the main road where you will find a lot of beach resorts along the way approximately 25 km (20 minutes) onwards.

I hope this helps.

Update: October 19, 2013

This has been one of my most popular blog entries but it is no longer updated. I haven’t been to Laiya for a couple of years already and it appears that there are newer, easier routes going to Laiya.
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  1. Yay! It’s really neat to see the names of places that I’m actually familiar with! I think I told you that my mom’s family is from San Jose, Batangas. I’ve been to Lipa and to Manila too. Kabayan Beach Resort looks really nice! I’ll have to check it out sometime!

    I love how popular your blog is getting, PJ! Hooray for you! Love the blog!

  2. Hi PJ,

    Thanks for the info. Just want to ask how’s the road to Laiya coming from Batangas Racing Circuit? Is it still rocky? Thanks!

  3. Laiya Beach Resort..
    kgagaling lang po namin duon khapon.. may 10, 2009

    maganda sana dahil sa excellent finishing ng inyong interior, eung cottages and eung mga facilities..


    the problem is the main part – THE BEACH..

    dahil may KAMAHALAN ang entrance.., hndi namin ineexpect na ganito ang mga madadatnan namin duon..

    una, maraming lumulutang na kung anu duon..,mga kahoy-kahoy, ndi manlang nililinis.. AMF!

    pngalawa, maganda sana eung white sand kaso BENEATH it eh ang dami daming bato! at ang tutulis pa! amdami sa amin ang nasugatan dahil duon.,

    sana baguhin na eun 4 d safety ng mga nagsswim and to BEAUTIFY more your RESORT..

  4. sayang, it wasn’t like that the last time we went there, i guess we were lucky then.. the debris is probably because of the string of typhoons that recently hit the country..

    ei, and just to clarify, the resort isn’t ours ha, i just blogged about our Laiya experience..


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