Catching that blogging bug

It’s been a while since I logged into my blog account. What’s interesting is that I’ve always had a ton of potential blog topics to write about but haven’t been able to find the time to put my thoughts into words. And now I realize how much I really missed blogging.

A couple of months back, I thought that I could put in a more time into my blog especially now that my current job for a Singaporean company gives me the flexibility to work from home for the greater part of the week, or spend an entire day at coffee shops, or what my colleagues and I call our mobile office.

It seems that family and work responsibilities have taken precedence over blogging so I usually end up babysitting and playing with CJ while doing some work simulation from some client projects. I could barely manage an hour at home without CJ jumping on me, wrestling me or shouting “Daddy, miuk (milk) please!”, “Daddy, weewee!”, “Poopoo daddy!”, “Daddy, office mommy!” and best yet, “Labu daddy!” – Now these are the things that I have to blog about, right? 🙂

I’m glad that Conne suggested that I try blogging again. Which is exactly what I’m gonna do.