Why commemorative plates in the Philippines are useless

PGH 100 - Philippine Commemorative Plate

Do you own Philippine commemorative license plates? I bought and used a valid PGH 100 commemorative plate last year but have recently been forced to toss it aside. It’s sad since I can’t even use the dang thing as paperweight!

Ever since the authorities decided to change the rule earlier this year on how these plates should be displayed – you’re now not allowed to superimpose commemorative plates on top of regular plates, but must have both plates visible at the front – you can just imagine how utterly ridiculous the outcome would be depending on the owner’s interpretation of the ruling. You can see some owners forcing the issue by placing the plates either side-by-side, or by setting the commemorative plate literally on the top of the regular one. I guess they wanted to make the most out of their investment, and you can’t blame them. The majority though decided to do away with the commemorative plates altogether, for the sake of aesthetics.

The cops even had a heyday apprehending¬†“violators” (me included *sigh*) as a result of the new ruling. And a few unscrupulous ones even had the gall to threaten and/or extort bribe money from the poor and unsuspecting,¬†innocent¬†commemorative plate owner.

Given the above, I wonder how the new batch of commemorative plates will fare. Are the new ones worth buying at all? I don’t think so.

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  1. in my opinion, others are abusing the use of commemorative plates specifically those plates bearing names of powerful government agencies. that’s why the rule came out…. BUT it should not be done this way, if one in the family commits crime, then are you going to put the whole family in jail???? NO… meaning, the new rule of placing commemorative plates side by side with the original plate is not reasonable. in addition, owner spent money for that already. what’s best in my opinion most likely is to confiscate commemorative plates of abusive drivers or traffic violators ONLY.

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