Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing all of you a very merry Christmas! Happy holidays to you and your family! Ho! Ho! Ho!

God bless! 🙂


From: PJ, Conne and CJ

Happy Birthday Conne!

Today’s Conne’s birthday!

I initially felt bad because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to spend the entire day with her as initially planned since I had a meeting scheduled in the morning, so I felt that I had to make it up to her for the remainder of the day.

I immediately rushed home after the meeting so that I could spend some quality time with Conne and CJ. We  heard mass in the afternoon, a family tradition every time we celebrate someone’s birthday. Her birthday, by the way, also coincides with the feast of the Immaculate Conception, hence Conne’s full first names were derived from “Maria Concepcion” in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We then had dinner afterwards at Sophia’s in Alabang with our close friends, Cocoy and Li-ann, and capped the day with some late-night, after-dinner coffee.

So what did I give her as a birthday gift?

For starters, I bought her a new laptop since she’s been extremely busy with her catering business (Caterrific) lately, and has been struggling in terms of mobility and productivity, particularly since she can’t lug our desktop PC around for client meetings and oculars. I also did a little e-baying earlier this week and bought her some perfume online, only to find out later on that I mistakenly ordered the men’s version instead of the women’s version of the perfume(!), much to my utter disappointment and consternation! Darn it! 🙁 It’s the thought that counts, right? (Yes, it’s such a lame excuse! Ha!)

Anyway, Happy Birthday mahal! May the Lord bless you always! We love you so much!