CA Audit – How to add an audit node group

In CA Audit,  formerly eTrust Audit, you can group your audit nodes (or audit clients) into logical groups depending on the audit events that are to be monitored.

You can also group audit nodes based on geographical and physical location, workgroup or domain, and you can also group them based on the audit recorder (iRecorder) agent.

Some of the common iRecorder agents are the Windows NT Log iRecorder, Microsoft ISA iRecorder, and the Microsoft Exchange iRecorder.

The following steps show how to add an audit node group to CA Audit:

1. Open the CA Audit Policy Manager and click on “Audit Nodes”


2. To add a new group, right-click on “Targets” and select “New Group”.


3. Configure the group name. Key in the desired name for the Audit Node (AN) group. You can optionally add a short description for the AN group. Click “OK” to save and close. The newly created AN group will be added to the “Targets” list.



4. Associate an Audit Node (AN) Type to the newly created group.



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