How to change Sun Wireless Broadband DNS settings

For Sun Wireless Broadband subscribers, here are the steps needed for you to create a new Connection Profile and use your preferred DNS server/s.

1. Open the Sun Broadband Wireless application and make sure that it’s disconnected to the internet.

2. On the Sun Broadband Wireless application menu, click “Tools > Options”. The Sun Broadband Options box will appear. Click on “Profile Management” on the left-side menu.

Sun Broadband - Options Menu

3. On the Sun Broadband Options box, click the “New” button. A new profile form will appear.

4. Key in your desired Profile Name (Ex. “Sun – Custom DNS”); Select “Static” APN and key in “fbband” on the APN: field box. Note: For prepaid subscribers, use “minternet” instead.

5. Click on the “Advanced…” button. The Advanced Settings box will appear.

6. Un-select “CHAP” and select “PAP” on the Authentication Protocol Settings; change the DNS Settings to “Static” and key in your desired DNS server IP address/es (The OpenDNS servers IP addresses – and – were used in the example below). Click the “Save” button and click “OK”.

7. The new profile is saved and you can use this to connect to the internet using your specified DNS server/s.

In most cases, especially when using OpenDNS servers, you might notice a slight improvement in internet access speeds and connection stability as compared to using the default Sun Broadband DHCP-issued DNS settings.


Update: 2011-08-30

Just a brief explanation of why you might want to try the above method:

Changing your DNS settings does not guarantee that internet browsing will be faster. This just ensures that you’ll have a stable DNS server to handle all of your domain name resolution requests.

Some ISP’s don’t allot or invest resources for their DNS server infrastructure. So there are instances when the DNS servers used by these ISP’s can’t handle the DNS query load from its internet subscriber base. So when the network is full, and the DNS servers are loaded with requests, there are some instances when a simple request for the IP address of a domain, say, will turn out empty — hence the intermittent internet connection — because the DNS servers either get overloaded or they simply crash.

Using powerful public DNS servers, such as Google DNS and OpenDNS, which have a very robust global server infrastructure, ensures that you get at least close to a hundred percent DNS service uptime.

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  2. Why is it that i get error message if i change the setting to fbband on the APN static field? Even if i change the opens DNS you have provided, unless i maintain the minternet setup.

  3. I can hardly get a stable connection @ 0.15mbps download. downloading a mere 16mb file took me 30mins. Line drops also at times during the download thus i have to repaet again and again wasting my free using the recently introduced suncel 350/mo 45hrs postpaid.

  4. open dns have the largest cache, but not that fast, same with google dns. try to download namebench. it will help you find the fastest dns server on our area. both google dns and open dns are from usa. a lot of dna servers in asia like japan and hongkong which will really enhance your connection. try to seach it in google.

  5. hi.. i found this blog very helpful… so i think u can help me with my issue,,, i’m using SUN BROADBAND usb dongle post paid.. i cant upload videos on FB and YOUTUBE. it will stuck somewhere between 70% to 90% im running WIN XP v.2002 service pack 3 on an HP mini 311 laptop, using GOOGLE CHROME as browser.. i tried using external uploaders it worked for YOUTUBE but not for FB.. i prefer to FB upload cuz i dont like using links via youtube,,, my DL speed for TORRENT dl is also SLOW, but i have IDM it works fine.. i tried opening ports for UTORRENT and TIXATI on my FIREWALL, no luck,,, please help me.. thanks…

    • I always use port 80 and disable DHT on utorrent says no connection but the fastest download i can get usually around 60 to 70 kbs. that is using sun broadband to

  6. not working for me im using SBW can u plz help

    error619 a connection to the remote computer could not be stablish,
    so the port used for this connection was closed

  7. @G, are you using Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid? If yes, then the APN should be set to “minternet” instead of “fbband”. Can you confirm this?

  8. I’m using the SB prepaid dongle type and keying in minternet instead of fbband works for me. However, no noticeable change in my slow connection.

    • Correct. This does not ensure that your internet browsing will be faster. This just eliminates one of the possible causes of a slow or intermittent internet connection — poor DNS name resolution.

      If connectivity is still slow after this, then you know that the problem probably lies with your connection — which could be poor signal reception or network problems within the ISP’s infrastructure. Or it could also be a problem with the destination or target site itself.

  9. Hi good day , Im using Sun Broadband prepaid, i tried your lecture and followed all the steps, but when i click the connect button “connection terminated” and “redial” messages appeared. I decided to use the previous “sun internet” profile name..

    I want to speed up my video streaming.. DO you think there is another way ?
    I have about 98 to 99% HSDPA but it is still very slow.. please help me

  10. Sir, pagkumoconnect po ako, napakahirap, laging UNABlE TO CONNECT. May signal naman daw po dito, 3G pa. Sa intramuros po ako. Ung iba ko ding kadorm, ganito problema. may solution po ba kau? salamat po GODBLESS and More Power πŸ™‚

    • Hi Robert, are you using a prepaid or postpaid dongle? There’s a chance that you might be using the wrong APN settings for your connection. I remember that I had the same problem when I first started using SBW a few years back. The default profile and APN settings shipped with the device were wrong, so I had to manually change it. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, It’s postpaid sir. I don’t understand your points. I have little knowledge about this matter. Please explain it furthermore. Thanks sir πŸ™‚

      • Hi, just to check, have you tried using it at a different location, like at least several kilometers from your place? It could be a problem with the Sun base station that your dongle connects to.

        • Ahm, I’m currently at Intramuros sir. I’ve used it several times at Tarlac City. So you mean it’s the location? I sometimes connect, sometimes no. Is there something that I can do? Thanks!

  11. Ahm, I’m currently at Intramuros sir. I’ve used it several times at Tarlac City. So you mean it’s the location? I sometimes connect, sometimes no. Is there something that I can do? Thanks!

  12. Hello,

    I’ve tried the steps you provided, it is working, however it’ll disconnect every 10 mins. Do i need to do something to make my connection stable?

  13. bkt ayaw mag connect sa connection says “connecting sun-custom DNS” and after a minute connection terminated..may problem po b sa SBW ko or mismong sun network ang may prob? p help po

    • Hi Jean, the APN settings (fbband, minternet, etc) are dependent on the type of data subscription service that you have with Sun.

      If you are a postpaid subscriber, then you probably have to use the ‘fbband’ APN, because this is the APN that is registered with your SBW sim card. On the other hand, other SBW sim cards are registered or linked to the ‘minternet’ APN profile.

      Some ISP’s provide APN’s which is linked to a certain Quality of Service (“QoS”) profile. For example, they may have an APN for premium subscribers where the QoS (max connection speed and quality) is very good.

  14. Hi sir,

    gumagana po xa sken..

    ang tanong ko po.. mabubuksan po ba nian yung mga closed port??

    kasi lahat ata ng port sarado

    thx in advance

    • Hi Jan, can you explain further? Anong port? Are you trying to access a certain sites or destination IP using a different port other than the basic internet ports (http, ssl, ftp)?

  15. hi! im using sun postpaid with a signal of edge sun.. however when i start to click the connect button it says connection terminated. i cant connect. pls help po. tnx

    • There are many possible factors why you can’t connect. It could be due to network over-saturation, poor/intermittent signal strength, or a disabled account, among others.

      In your case, an EDGE network, which is normally called “2.75G” (vs 3G), usually indicates that the 3G signal is poor.

  16. eto na lang po tanong ko.. posible ba na makapag host ng server gamit tong sun ko?? chneck ko kasi lahat ng incoming port d2 sa sun ko closed.. eh kailangan ko magbukasan sila para ma connect ko yung application ko via wan connection…

  17. Sir PJ, nagawa k na yung setting at binago ko na yung dns pero 80-100kbps parin yung speed ko..hindi na ako gumagamit ng torrent kaya imposible na dahil yung sa fair usage policy…ano kaya ang magandang gawin…tnx…

  18. after i recon i think 3 times,,,,,, akala ko ndi gumagana minimal lang ung increase atleast 20kbps the good thing is ndi na bumaba sa 90 kbps…even with lots of torrents,,, salute !!!
    galing thank you sir

  19. Sir, may I ask for your email? I have a different issue that I was hoping you can help out on. Related to sun broadband and godaddy / outlook 07

  20. Thanks so much for that– really improved my internet speed… πŸ™‚ also tried looking for appropriate DNS servers in my area. thanks! πŸ™‚

  21. BTW, my browsing speed is really slow on Sun broadband, but download rate is really fast (50-100+ kbps during days and starting 12am maybe, 200-300+kbps, don’t mention my browser, coz’ on other networks, my browsing is fast

    I’m using google chrome
    any suggestions or solutions? πŸ˜€

  22. Hi, I am using the huawei (AKA pocket wifi) as my modem. Same procedures lang ba as above? Ginawa ko pero ayaw nya magconnect eh. Both are set to static with PAP and the IP Address provided (copy paste) pero ayaw nya mag connect. Any feedback?

  23. I don’t want to download any software. Can you tell me what’s the best DNS for me here in Angeles City Pampanga?

  24. sir PJ ahm,,madals po nadidisconnect ung broadband ko habang nsa kalagitnaan po ako ng paggamit nito,,ano po pwd kong gwin>>?? help me pls..sya nga po pla im using prepaid..pwd mo b ako mtulungan ditO>?


    • Hi Jas,

      Madaming factors kung bait pwedeng maputol ang connection mo. Some of the most common problems: poor signal strength or too many subscribers connecting to the same base station.

      You can test this out by trying to connect from an area with excellent signal strength and/or where you think few people are simultaneously connected (avoid malls, coffee shops, etc). I think you’ll notice a slight connectivity improvement.

  25. hi PJ,
    im currently using call&surf sun broadband/mobile internet on my galaxy s3 but i cant send pictures using viber. i tried to use wifi, also sun broadband postpaid, ayaw parin mag send. whereas my friend can easily send pictures using his iphone4s connected to his sun broadband wifi,

    but, at home, when i connect my s3 to our dsl wifi, ang sesend naman ng pictures sa viber. pls help me. thanks!

  26. Sir PJ thnx po sa dns malaking tulong po…, kaya lng tanung ko lng po..pwede po ba to magamit sa 3mbps ng sun broad kasi naka kulay green na lng xa eh.. indi na po xa nag kukulay blue kasi pag nag kulay blue ung ilaw ng usb kit ko stable po xa ng 3mbps…, kaya kung pede po ung DNS ninyo magiging stable ung 3mbps… XD

  27. Hi, PJ. I’m using usb sun broadband (P799 plan unlimited internet). How can I expedite download speed. The maximum speed I see is 13kbs/s but most of the time it’s between 4-8kbs/s only. I’ve been downloading 1 movie since yesterday but the sun broadband manage to download only 13% so far.

  28. try to download DNS benchmark then use the fastest DNS that will show on the test results… google mo nlng as far as i remember sa CNET ko na download un… may broadband speed is running upto 3Mbps…

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