Daddy2.0 – On parenthood, time and continual improvement

Time is a luxury that most of us don’t have, but it’s a luxury that we should appreciate and value dearly.

It took me forever to realize that, when life knocks us down or throws us a curve ball or two, the wisdom and experience gained from overcoming adversity are built up in trickles throughout the course of our lives.

Backtrack six years ago, I was struggling on a personal, professional and emotional level. But I now find myself a husband to a loving wife, father to an amazing son, stakeholder to a good company, and in control of my emotions (well, at least most of the time!). To top everything off, I woke up one day, while on an overseas trip almost 9 months back, to a blissful SMS message from my wife – telling me that I was to be a dad for the second time around!

One of the first questions that popped up in my mind: Was I ready for this new challenge?

Backtrack again, those six years saw four job changes (with odd jobs in between some), three house transfers, a thousand arguments with the wife, countless temper tantrums (with the occasional gadget “collateral damage”, to boot), questions on faith, a slew of loan payments that needed to be settled, forays into the business world, an investment gamble, and frequent, lonely, extended trips overseas.

Fast forward: I have a good job, we’re saving up for our dream house, arguments are few and far between, temper is in check (with zero collateral damage!), I have a strengthened belief in God, loans are settled, business is good, and investments are paying off. As for staying abroad, the loneliness didn’t kill me but only made me strong.

In retrospect, time allowed courage, wisdom, experience and a bit of luck to eventually stack up on my side. It allowed me and my wife to grow – as a couple and as parents.

So to answer my question, I can say with optimism that I’m up for the challenge.

And the geek in me says that the ongoing upgrade to Parent2.0 (ergo Daddy2.0) is on track.

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