PDAF, DAP, or whatever – Really now?

For the past few months, so much has been written, reported and said over the issues involving the misuse of pork barrel funds (PDAF) and the legitimacy of the government’s DAP allocations.

With the sheer scale of the ongoing investigations against these issues, as well as the large number of personalities involved, some of the said personalities have taken advantage of the confusion and found ways muddle the issue and deflect the charges hurled against them. This is a classic case of crab or “talangka” mentality.

The point is, regardless of how much money was thrown at a government official, either by way of PDAF, DAP or by any other means, the question that should be answered is how much of that money was properly spent and accounted for.

In the end, the issue of the amount that was given and the reason why it was given would be moot, if we know that it was well spent and not pocketed.

If a lawmaker is given one billion pesos and he spends it all, and if he is able to show us 100% where the money went in a well documented manner, then we have ourselves a hero. But, if another lawmaker is given, say, just one thousand pesos and he spends it all, but if he can’t show us how and where he spent it, even for such a small amount, then we have ourselves a zero. This is how we can tell the pigs and crocodiles from the men.