Defective Philippine e-passports

A few weeks ago, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) admitted that around 10,000 e-passports were found to be defective. The defective e-passports were said to belong to the EB 000-0001 to EB 126-7350 range. The DFA urges all passport holders whose passports belong to the said series to have their passports replaced – which will be free of charge.

Looking back, I remember having passport-related problems a couple of years ago when my old passport’s cover page got detached when someone tried to photocopy it. This effectively rendered my passport invalid and so I had to apply for a replacement. Several delays throughout the replacement process, which lasted for about a month, caused a lot of inconvenience and prevented me from reporting back to work in Singapore.

Guess what my old passport number was. EB 050-XXXX. Bummer. :-/

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