LTO: Driver’s License Renewal

It actually took me less than 30 minutes to renew my driver’s license. How about that?

I was expecting it to take half a day based on my previous experience. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) finally got rid of the drug testing portion of the license renewal process, which required an applicant to submit urine samples by filling up urine sample bottles handed out by the drug testing agencies at the LTO office. This was more time-wasting than it was effective.

This turned out to be a good thing. If you think of it, any drug user could easily bypass this measure. They simply stop using drugs long enough to get it completely out of their system – enough to be undetected when they renew their license. As for non-drug users, the hassle usually happens when it comes to collecting the urine samples. Some people had to drink several bottles of water – and even wait an entire business day – just to be able to pee.

Here’s wishing for additional improvements from our government agencies.