Pasig Road Rage: Justice and peace for Ed and Kay

An extremely sad and unfortunate event happened yesterday. Two colleagues of mine, Ed Canizares and Kay Palmero, died yesterday afternoon, October 2nd, from several gunshot wounds from a 9mm pistol fired by a certain Atty. Manuel Hernandez Jr. after a traffic altercation in Pasig City.

I was really dumbstruck when I heard of the sickening news since I was still able to strike up a conversation at work with Ed that morning before he left. What’s ironic is that he had just celebrated his birthday the day before (October 1st) and that he had just picked up Kay who arrived from Singapore for his birthday celebration scheduled this week.

I’ve come to realize that when tragic things happen to people you barely know, the typical response would be to feel sorry for the person, followed by a shake of the head, a shrug of the shoulders and finally, indifference. But when that same thing happens to relatives, friends and people close to you, that’s when reality hits home – where it suddenly turns out to be a surreal, hair-raising, knee-weakening, and life-altering experience.

They were victims of road rage and I realize that the same incident could have happened to me in the past because of my temper and pride. And I admit that I am more conscious now and really think twice when it comes to managing stressful driving situations and venting my anger.

I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the families of Ed and Kay. I hope that justice will be served. And I hope that the man who killed them will pay for this heinous act. May he rot in his cell – a stinky, filthy one.

Please do spare a minute to pray for the eternal repose of Ed and Kay as well as for the families they left behind.

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Priceless: The night we helped our mom pack

After weeks of helping my mom pack up at Subic in preparation for her migration to the US, it felt really weird going to my brother’s place in Quezon City to pick up all of her luggages for her Saturday morning flight.

I went there alone since Conne had to stay home to take care of our toddler, CJ, who had the flu. Present at the time were my uncle Dennis (my mom’s brother), Ding (my youngest brother), Emily (Ding’s wife), Cel (my brother Bong’s wife), and my nephews – Purple, Jervis and Indigo.

The evening turned out to be an emotional roller coaster of sorts brought about by the evening’s bout of stories, misunderstanding, arguments, tears, forgiveness and laughter. But everyone could tell that the overwhelming emotion present throughout that night was love.

The night ended with a prayer, a very heartfelt one.

On the way home, I dropped off my uncle at his place and dropped off Cel and Jervis at theirs.

As I rode home alone in silence, with the midnight darkness blanketing everything, in the drizzling rain, with no companion save my mom’s things, and with the after effects of that emotional night, my whole life flashed before me throughout that drive – and as I rounded the corner near our home, I knew then how extremely lucky I really am to have a good family behind me and a wonderful new stage in our lives ahead of us. I smiled.

Dengue fever blues

After just recently recovering from Pneumonitis a few weeks back, I unfortunately came down with Dengue fever last week and so had to take some extended time off from work. This has definitely been a bad month for me, health-wise. 🙁

I had to make sure that I was completely hydrated, thanks to my Gatorade regimen, and that I had to regularly take in medicine for my fever and flu.

After a few days of on and off fever, my initial lab results showed that my platelet count was way below normal.

I’m glad I’m doing better now. Thank God.

Happy Birthday – Bong, Ding and Melvin!

I just want to greet Happy Birthday to my brothers Bong and Ding and my nephew Melvin (Bong’s son)! All of them were born on September 19th. It’s such an amazing coincidence, eh?

May the Lord continue to bless you and your families always! God Bless!

Wowowee Wilyonaryo: The senate probe

It appears that a resolution has already been passed in the Philippine Senate to formally investigate the alleged Wowowee Wilyonaryo “scam”.

Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas filed Resolution No. 111 last Monday, September 3rd. The resolution seeks an inquiry on the alleged game-fixing scam that occurred on the P2-million “Wilyonaryo” segment of the above-mentioned TV show.

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At home with pneumonia

The past couple of weeks have been terrible for me, health-wise. It turned out that the impending cold that I previously blogged about was actually the initial stages of pneumonia.

I had severe cough, colds, fever and difficulty breathing for the better part of two weeks. And the weather didn’t help either. With the typhoons and monsoon rains barraging the metropolis, it was really hard for me to go to work or to get some decent rest at home. The frequent changes in temperature really didn’t help at all.

I still have coughing fits every now and then, but I’m glad that breathing is easier now. A few more days of rest and medication and everything should be back to normal.

I’m glad that I have Conne to take care of me. Thanks mahal

Sweet music – CJ finally says “mommy”

I’ve blogged about CJ being able to say the words “Daddy” a few months back.

And after months of desperately trying to coax CJ into saying the words “Mommy”, he finally did it a couple of days ago! And now that he’s finally able to pronounce it clearly, he just can’t seem to stop uttering it. But who cares? It’s sweet music to my ears, most especially for Conne’s. 🙂

I’m so happy for both of them. 🙂

Next in line…

Conne and CJ had a bout of fever and colds the past week, and it appears that I’m next in line. Even though I currently feel as if my nose is on the verge of spewing forth gunky stuff, I’m still thankful because my family’s doing better now (CJ’s up to his usual “terrible twos” destructive self, and Conne’s up to her usual, uhm, charming personality! Muah!).I’m getting ready for a business trip tentatively lined up this week, and I hope that my body would be strong enough to resist the common cold. Could you imagine me talking to a client while sporting a big, red, runny nose? Ha!