Next in line…

Conne and CJ had a bout of fever and colds the past week, and it appears that I’m next in line. Even though I currently feel as if my nose is on the verge of spewing forth gunky stuff, I’m still thankful because my family’s doing better now (CJ’s up to his usual “terrible twos” destructive self, and Conne’s up to her usual, uhm, charming personality! Muah!).I’m getting ready for a business trip tentatively lined up this week, and I hope that my body would be strong enough to resist the common cold. Could you imagine me talking to a client while sporting a big, red, runny nose? Ha!

Alive and kicking at 31

Conne and CJ blogged something about us celebrating my 31st birthday last July 2nd.

We actually celebrated it days earlier by visiting my mom at Subic last June 30th, and having a simple dinner celebration last July 1st, at our new home with my two brothers, their families, and Conne’s family.

Watching the three “Bacolod” toddlers trashing the place was a blast. I even posted a video of the ‘cousins three’ at play. 🙂

As usual, for the nth time, all of this wouldn’t have happened if not for Conne!

In parting, I’d like to thank everyone for bearing with me all these years – at 31 and counting. Thanks guys! And I’d most especially like to thank the Lord for the wonderful gift of life.


Thank God it’s Friday!

The work week’s almost over and I can’t wait. We’ll be leaving for my mom’s place in Subic tonight to spend the weekend. We’re really looking forward to some rest and relaxation. But before that, I’d better get ready for my haircut in a few minutes (that’s me in the drawing up there!). 🙂

So how are you going to spend your weekend guys? Happy weekend everybody!


That caffeine longing

My caffeine habit’s back, no thanks to the chilly, arctic-like conditions at work.

I desperately tried a lot of things to keep warm, until I finally resorted to a long forgotten remedy – coffee!

I’ve been successful at staving off my coffee cravings for quite some time now, until yesterday, that is. My fingers would’ve surely succumbed to frostbite had it not been for the warming effects of that first sip. I realized that I missed the warm, rejuvenating feeling that a hot cup of coffee provides.

I even did some online research about coffee before going to sleep and even spent this morning’s drive with Conne talking about it. I was explaining to her the difference between the Arabica and Robusta coffee species, as well as the Philippine-grown “Barako” coffee, or “Kapeng Barako”.

It’s too bad that she had to drop me off at work first. I could have gone the entire morning zealously yakking about it. ;-P

All work and no play…

Today’s another long day for me at work since Conne has another one of them so-called girls’ night out with her buddies, Kimmie and Mitch. She promised me that they’ll be done around sevenish, which means it’s bound to end up no earlier than eightish or nineish. (Too many “ishes” there, huh?) :-p

Anyhow, this gives me ample time to catch up on my blogging, besides, too much work can kill you. And I plan to live long enough to see my great grand kids scurrying about, wreaking havoc at home.

Oh, and speaking of work, I’m glad that Conne’s getting a well deserved break from her hectic workload. And I’m so proud of her knowing that that she’s up for a lateral transfer and a promotion come July! I believe that a management role suits her mighty fine. 🙂 Congrats mahal!

I love you! God and love po.. God and love…

On baby sitting

I was able to spend the entire day with CJ yesterday, as I was on leave from work. I soon learned that babysitting a hyperactive toddler can be a totally harrowing and exhausting experience!

We watched cartoons together and we played “mess-up-your-room-with-your-toys-and-let-dad-do-the-cleanup”!

And it was also fun seeing him finally being able to interact over the phone, like when Conne called up to check on us. He was really eager to pick up the phone and yak it up with his mom. 🙂

The only time I was able to get a temporary respite, and some telecommute work done, was when he had his midday nap. You can tell that these are signs that he’s soon reaching the so-called “Terrible Twos” stage of childhood.

All in all, the aggravation was worth it though, no matter how wasted I may be. 🙂

Don Bosco Academy website

Don Bosco Academy in Pampanga, my grade school/high school Alma Mater, finally has a website.

The school, which was founded in 1958 (but efforts began as early as 1956), was formerly located at Bacolor, Pampanga from 1958 to 1995. It was subsequently transferred to Mabalacat, Pampanga in 1996 after being completely buried by “lahar” on October 1st, 1995, in the aftermath of the devastating Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption which occurred a few years earlier (1991).

Website URL:

Sucat Interchange traffic problem

Vehicle traffic has been a nightmare for the past few days over at the South Superhighway Sucat Interchange due to an ongoing bridge renovation (west-bound lane) which began last Saturday, June 2nd.

At present, it takes one entry point or entry lane (there are about 9 or 10 points of entry in the interchange) an average waiting period of more than 30 minutes (!) to switch from a stop signal to a go signal, due to the ongoing construction work. This is compounded by the fact that: 1) you can’t see any semblance of discipline and patience among drivers, and 2) the traffic aides are really incompetent! You’d see them all clumped in one area of the interchange and neglect the other areas – these unchecked areas are the cause of the traffic jams due to the influx of undisciplined drivers. (In fairness, the guys managing the traffic during the day shift are better than their evening shift counterparts, who totally suck!)

The timing of the renovation is awful. The new school year starts next week, which means traffic density at the vicinity of the Sucat Interchange is expected balloon. And from the looks of it, it’ll take at least a month to complete. If this was a planned activity, then they should have started this mid-summer.

And what really pisses me is the fact that you can hardly see anyone working on the construction area at all! Since the area is such a critical traffic bottleneck, then the contractors and government officials should have anticipated the major traffic problems associated with it. They should have at least deployed construction workers on rotating 24 x 7 shifts and should have provided adequate equipment. I mean, where are the men and machines? You can’t expect to finish the work in time with just half a dozen men armed with pick axes and shovels, can you?

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