Dengue fever blues

After just recently recovering from Pneumonitis a few weeks back, I unfortunately came down with Dengue fever last week and so had to take some extended time off from work. This has definitely been a bad month for me, health-wise. 🙁

I had to make sure that I was completely hydrated, thanks to my Gatorade regimen, and that I had to regularly take in medicine for my fever and flu.

After a few days of on and off fever, my initial lab results showed that my platelet count was way below normal.

I’m glad I’m doing better now. Thank God.

Happy Birthday – Bong, Ding and Melvin!

I just want to greet Happy Birthday to my brothers Bong and Ding and my nephew Melvin (Bong’s son)! All of them were born on September 19th. It’s such an amazing coincidence, eh?

May the Lord continue to bless you and your families always! God Bless!

Indiana Jones 4: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Are you an Indiana Jones fan? If you are one, just like me, then guess what, the man with the hat is back! (Or better yet, the man with the bullwhip, fedora, leather jacket and morbid fear of snakes!)

The newest Indy film that is currently under production is entitled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Harrison Ford reprises his role as Dr. Indiana Jones, a fictional professor, archaeologist and adventurer. The film is set in the 1950’s.

The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and is produced by George Lucas under Lucasfilm, Ltd..

ZTE NBN conspiracy theories

This is yet another blog on the ongoing Abalos scandal allegations. Because of the lack of transparency in the dubious deal brokered between the Philippine government and Chinese firm, ZTE Corporation, you can’t fault people if they make highly spectacular and weird assumptions. Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. In short, “It’s fair game.”

And so, due to lack of transparency, these are “5 Hypothetical, Tongue-in-cheek Reasons Why the ZTE NBN Deal Should Be Junked.”

5. On the wake of Mattel’s recall of about 19 million alleged China-made toys worldwide, detractors fear that copper-based network wirings that will be installed by Chinese firm, ZTE, might end up being replaced with lead. “Well, uhm, you know, uhm, Superman can’t see through lead! How’s that for security? ;-p”

4. The $329 million deal comes with a stipulation that the Philippines relinquish its claim of the “Spratly Group of Islands” in favor of China. It’s a “phone for fish” trade.

3. The almost $200 million worth of alleged bribes comes with a stipulation that all allegedly recalled and rejected China-made toys in the US be diverted to the Philippine market, which also includes lifting the “White Rabbit Candy” ban. Tit-for-Tat.

2. Implementing the National Broadband Network claims to reduce the government’s phone call expenditure to a minimum, since inter-department calls will be via Voice-over-IP (VoIP) – unlimited and free. Aside from the savings in phone calls, the government would also save on costs for hiring and training espionage personnel and paying certain unscrupulous telco employees for its alleged phone tapping activities (well, at least tapping is limited to government agencies). A bit of code here and a few system commands there, and viola!, all calls are recorded and logged into a central database. “Hello Gar.. er.. Pap.. er.. bye!”

And, the top hypothetical reason for junking the deal is:

1. Broadband? Whaddya mean broadband? Here? In the Philippines? Duh! I’ve had enough of hearing broadband. NBN = No Broadband Now. Better rename the project: National Dial-up Network (NDN) dude. It’ll have the same speed and cost us less.

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The Abalos Scandal: ZTE and the National Broadband Network (NBN)

One of the hottest news items currently circulating around, aside from the Wowowee Wilyonaryo scam allegations, is that of the involvement of Philippine COMELEC Chairman, Benjamin Abalos Sr. in the controversial National Broadband Network (NBN) Project deal involving ZTE Corporation.

The $329-million NBN Project aims to interconnect all Philippine national and local government agencies, including the “barangay” offices of all local government units (LGUs). This is expected to enhance the delivery of services to the people by reducing the time used for waiting for decisions and replies to queries.

News reports have it that ZTE Corp. allegedly won the NBN Project bid because of huge bribes or pay-outs given to certain government officials in addition to some “maneuvering” done by Chairman Abalos on behalf of ZTE. They won even though the proposal was said to be grossly over-priced when compared to other NBN Project bid offers submitted by other entities such as Amsterdam Holdings, Inc. ($240 million) and Arescom ($130 million).

ZTE Corporation is China’s largest listed telecommunications manufacturer and wireless solutions provider. Founded in 1985, ZTE Corporation has been listed as an A-Share company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1997 (click here).

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Sources: – Teves: Abalos set meeting with ZTE
The Manila Times – Teves: Abalos at ZTE meeting

Wowowee Wilyonaryo: The senate probe

It appears that a resolution has already been passed in the Philippine Senate to formally investigate the alleged Wowowee Wilyonaryo “scam”.

Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas filed Resolution No. 111 last Monday, September 3rd. The resolution seeks an inquiry on the alleged game-fixing scam that occurred on the P2-million “Wilyonaryo” segment of the above-mentioned TV show.

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Gatorade ad campaigns: Subliminal advertizing?

There’s this pretty interesting “conspiracy” theory topic posted at the Basketbawfull website on how certain companies make use of subliminal messages in their marketing campaigns. The site specifically singled out Gatorade.

Check out the graphical summary of the above-mentioned site and see if you their conspiracy theory makes sense. To sum everything up in 2 words: Sex Sells.

Hmmm… What do you see?

Ok, let’s take a closer look. Anything familiar?

Why, it’s a Gatorade bottle, of course! What were you thinking of?

Does this suggest anything? Uhm-hmm…

Under a black light, Gatorade looks like…

Experience the many different fruit flavors…

She’s looking pretty happy…

Wowowee Wilyonaryo: What was the design flaw?

This is in reaction to what ABS-CBN says as a “corrected game design flaw” on the “Wilyonaryo” game segment of the popular show, “Wowowee”.

But why should there be such a “design flaw” in the first place?

Let’s focus on the props used for the “Wilyonaryo” game segment. If a responsible person or game designer were to make a good design, then one of the top design criteria would be to ensure that the box would only accommodate a single number card at any given time.

So what exactly was the design flaw that was corrected?

1) Did they make provisions on the box for additional number slots? If so, why would they? Every box would have to be cleared of its contents and shuffled prior to every episode anyway, right?

2) Was it an operational design flaw on their pre-game preparations? Which is doubtful since it’s highly unlikely for a person to inadvertently put in more than two numbers inside each box, unless…

As a learning experience, it would be better for the Department of Trade and Industry to inspect and approve all props and game design operations for all Filipino TV shows, or any DTI sanctioned event for that matter, prior to giving out permits from now on. Or is this being done now?

And in the interest of truth and public welfare, perhaps the studio should have clearly explained what the design flaw was. This would have eliminated some of the questions that have been nagging a lot of people.

So what do you think?

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