What if American politicians played Dungeons and Dragons

Have you ever played the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game (RPG)? I remember the good old days when my friends and I “partied” differently. We would sometimes go for a couple of days without sleep, playing extended D&D campaigns.

For D&D fans, here’s an interesting “What if” for you – What happens when Obama, McCain and the rest of today’s US election campaign trail politicians go for a different kind of campaign? One with bugbears, goblins and dragons, that is.

Here’s somehedgehog’s funny take on this – Adventuring Party Politics: The Campaign is Getting Ugly

Here’s an excerpt:

GM:  OK, the bugbear attacks you.  What do you do?

OBAMA: I send one of my 672 henchmen after it.

MCCAIN:  OK, seriously.  Why does he have so many henchmen?  I’m a level 72 ranger and he’s only a level 8 paladin.

Note: You won’t get it unless you’ve played D&D before or know who Gary Gygax, or what a Hand of Vecna is.

Cheers and happy reading! *fireball…*

Adventuring Party Politics: The Campaign is Getting Ugly

How to stop sending email you’ll later regret – These 4 simple steps

Have you ever sent an email only to realize later on that you shouldn’t have sent it at all? These things usually happen when you’re sending mail at the heat of your emotions, or when you’re sleepy, or funnier but plausible still, when you’re drunk!

It kind of makes you wish you have a Microsoft Exchange server which gives you the ability to “recall” your mail, which is a reactive solution.

But if you want things done proactively, then here’s yet another reason to use Google mail or Gmail. They’ve added a new application tool in their arsenal, called Mail Goggles, that proactively tries to prevent you from making that email blunder.

When enabled, Mail Goggles will make you solve a couple of math problems after you click “send” to make sure that you’re sober or at least in the right state of mind.

But what if you’re “mathematically challenged” you say? The good news is you can set the difficulty level to suit you, the bad news is it won’t go any lower than 1. Well, tough luck, you might as well let another person do the mailing for you then. Kidding aside, this is one neat tool that can save you from humiliation.

Just follow these 4 simple steps to enable Mail Goggles in Gmail:

  1. Click “Settings” in the upper right corner of the Gmail window.
  2. Click on the “Labs” tab of the Settings page.
  3. Scroll down the Labs section until you see the “Mail Goggles” feature and select “Enable”.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom part of the Labs section and click on the “Save Changes” button.

By default, Mail Goggles is only active on weekends (Friday and Saturday) from 10PM to 4AM, since this is the time when you’ll most likely need it (after partying hard). Once enabled, you can adjust its settings by going to the Gmail General Settings tab.

Once everything’s done, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently sending that hate letter to your boss, or that private, steamy love letter to your entire address book.

Now if only they had text or sms goggles. 🙂

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Warning: Do you know what milk products have melamine?

Do you know what products sold in the Philippines have been tested for the presence of melamine?

Last October 3, the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) posted an advisory on their website on what products have been found positive or negative for melamine.

In the first batch of adisories to be released by the BFAD, two (2) products have so far been found POSITIVE for melamine, which means they are UNSAFE for consumption and should be AVOIDED. These are:

  1. Greenfood Yili Fresh Milk (in Chinese character)
  2. Mengniu Drink (in Chinese caharacter)

On the other hand, twenty-eight (28) products have been found NEGATIVE for melamine, which means they are SAFE for consumption. These are:

  1. Anchor Lite Milk
  2. Anlene High Calcium Low Fat Milk U.H.T. (recombined)
  3. Bear Brand Instant
  4. Chichok Milk Chocolate
  5. Farmland Skim Milk
  6. Jinwei Drink
  7. Jolly Cow Pure Fresh Milk
  8. Kiddie Soya Milk Egg Delight
  9. Lactogen 1 DHA Infant Formula
  10. M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies
  11. M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies
  12. Milk Boy
  13. Nestogen 2 DHA Follow-up Formula
  14. Nestogen 3 DHA Follow-up Formula
  15. Nido 3+ Prebio with DHA
  16. Nido Full Cream Milk Powder
  17. Nido Junior
  18. No-Sugar Chocolate of Isomaltooligosaccharide (Cocoa Butter Substitute)
  19. Nutri-Express Milk Drink
  20. PURA UHT Fresh Milk
  21. Snickers Fresh Roasted in Caramel & Soft Nougat in Thick Milk Chocolate
  22. Vitasoy Soya Bean Milk
  23. Wahaha Orange
  24. Wahaha Yellow
  25. Want-Want Milk Drink (Red Can)
  26. Windmill Skim Milk Powder
  27. Yinlu Milk Peanut
  28. Yogee Yoghurt Flavor Milk Drink
Since this is just a partial list, it’s still advisable to avoid China-made food products for the meantime until such time that the Bureau of Food and Drugs comes up with an updated list.           

Breast milk is still best for babies!   
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Ateneo Blue Eagles – 2008 UAAP basketball champions!

Ateneo Blue EaglesCongratulations to the Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles for winning the UAAP Season 71 men’s basketball championship series today against the De La Salle University Green Archers! YES!!!

The Loyola-based Eagles pulled off a series championship sweep to dethrone the Taft-based Archers, who were last year’s champs.

The Eagles last won the seniors championship in 2002.


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Get rid of catering budget problems once and for all

Do you want to host an event but find your catering budget tight?

After many years of prodding by family and friends, Conne and her mom finally set up their own food catering and events management business in the Philippines, called Caterrific Catering Services. And their take on catering is that having a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to “get what you pay for”. You can get quality food and service for less.

So, if you’re looking for a food caterer to cover your corporate or personal event, why don’t you try Caterrific out? One thing’s for sure, they won’t use any melamine-laced dairy products!

They’re more than a caterer, they’re Caterrific!

Caterrific Webiste: http://www.caterrific.ph

Milk, melamine and China-made products – What now?

What milk does your child drink? Our son, CJ, currently drinks NIDO, a milk product produced by Nestle Philippines.

As a parent, the ongoing milk scare brought about by Chinese-made milk that are tainted with melamine, a toxic substance, caused us so much concern.

Our fears have somewhat been allayed by Nestle Philippines’ recent announcement assuring the safety of their milk products.

According to Nestle’s website, the other products that they produce or carry aside from NIDO are the following: BEAR BRAND, NESLAC, NESTOGEN, NESVITA, and NESTLÉ.  They also import NAN 1 from the Netherlands, NAN 2 and 3, from Switzerland, and NAN HW 1 and 2 from Germany.

Well, at least that’s one less milk-related item to worry about, now the problem is what of other milk-based products circulating our Philippine markets (pastries, milk snacks, candies, etc)? What do we do now?

I’m sorry, but you can’t blame me if I stay clear of Chinese-made or Chinese-sounding products for the meantime. Melamine-tainted milk, formalin-laced white rabbit candies, toxic lead-laced toy paints and defective christmas lights are more than we can handle for now, thank you.

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Why commemorative plates in the Philippines are useless

PGH 100 - Philippine Commemorative Plate

Do you own Philippine commemorative license plates? I bought and used a valid PGH 100 commemorative plate last year but have recently been forced to toss it aside. It’s sad since I can’t even use the dang thing as paperweight!

Ever since the authorities decided to change the rule earlier this year on how these plates should be displayed – you’re now not allowed to superimpose commemorative plates on top of regular plates, but must have both plates visible at the front – you can just imagine how utterly ridiculous the outcome would be depending on the owner’s interpretation of the ruling. You can see some owners forcing the issue by placing the plates either side-by-side, or by setting the commemorative plate literally on the top of the regular one. I guess they wanted to make the most out of their investment, and you can’t blame them. The majority though decided to do away with the commemorative plates altogether, for the sake of aesthetics.

The cops even had a heyday apprehending “violators” (me included *sigh*) as a result of the new ruling. And a few unscrupulous ones even had the gall to threaten and/or extort bribe money from the poor and unsuspecting, innocent commemorative plate owner.

Given the above, I wonder how the new batch of commemorative plates will fare. Are the new ones worth buying at all? I don’t think so.

Browse the web the Google Chrome way

Google recently released the beta version of their new web browser named Google Chrome.

I installed it a few hours ago and found its features to be excellent in terms of security, ease of use and performance! It looks like the Google guys have another hit in their hands!

The problem is now I can’t decide which browser to use, Firefox or Google Chrome. 🙂

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Our Hong Kong Adventure – Day 1

Guess where I’m writing this right now… In Hong Kong! 🙂

We were finally able to make that long awaited Hong Kong trip as a family. We’ve been planning the trip since last year but had to defer it a couple of times because “something came up.” This trip is actually Conne’s birthday gift to me! 🙂

We touched down at Hong Kong International Airport at around 10AM yesterday, July 4th, via Cebu Pacific. We were expecting the flight to be delayed but, fortunately, everything went according to schedule!

Here are some pictures taken upon arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport:

Conne and CJ - Arrival at HKIA

PJ and CJ at HKIA - Arrival

PJ and CJ at HKIA - Arrival


Catching that blogging bug

It’s been a while since I logged into my blog account. What’s interesting is that I’ve always had a ton of potential blog topics to write about but haven’t been able to find the time to put my thoughts into words. And now I realize how much I really missed blogging.

A couple of months back, I thought that I could put in a more time into my blog especially now that my current job for a Singaporean company gives me the flexibility to work from home for the greater part of the week, or spend an entire day at coffee shops, or what my colleagues and I call our mobile office.

It seems that family and work responsibilities have taken precedence over blogging so I usually end up babysitting and playing with CJ while doing some work simulation from some client projects. I could barely manage an hour at home without CJ jumping on me, wrestling me or shouting “Daddy, miuk (milk) please!”, “Daddy, weewee!”, “Poopoo daddy!”, “Daddy, office mommy!” and best yet, “Labu daddy!” – Now these are the things that I have to blog about, right? 🙂

I’m glad that Conne suggested that I try blogging again. Which is exactly what I’m gonna do.